The Ultimate Blog Plan
The Ultimate Blog Plan
The Ultimate Blog Plan

The Ultimate Blog Plan

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This book is your no BS guide to successful blogging.

Do you want to become the next famous blogger but are not sure where to start? Or are you already blogging and just want to take it to the next level?

The Ultimate Blog Plan will solve all your blogging problems and help you build your own strategy for success. This popular workbook created by the founders of Career Girl Daily is designed for any level of blogging. After years of working on the award-winning website and interviewing bloggers like Fleur de Force and A Model Recommends the girls noticed that there was a lot of mystery around successful blogs, so they decided to create The Ultimate Blog Plan and take that mystery away.

What makes this book different?

This book is not your average blogging book, although it contains the strategies Career Girl Daily used to go from seven views to seven million in two years and how they won a Bloglovin' award in just six months, it's more about you! Each section contains worksheets you can get started on as soon as you buy the book, so you can build your own strategy and start working on your success right now instead of just reading about it!

If that wasn't all, you'll also get exclusive access to creative blog planning templates for free! 


Get ready to take your blog to the next level. With this book, you’ll learn all the secrets to a successful blog. From the initial idea to growing your audience, making money with your blog, making your blog your full-time job, building a brand, and everything you ever wanted to know about the trickier strategies behind blogging like SEO. This is the only blogging book you’ll need.

Two years ago, Career Girl Daily was just an idea, behind the scenes three girls worked around a kitchen table on a blog they believed in. Within six months, the website had won a Bloglovin’ award. After two years, Career Girl Daily had grown to seven million views, a global audience, a network of influential women, a dedicated team, and a line of sold-out events. Now, we're sharing our secrets with you in The Ultimate Blog Plan.

So what will you get? A 200-page book/workbook filled with strategies for success and tips and tricks to take your blog to the next level. It contains everything we've learned that will grow your audience and help you create a successful blog.

PLUS worksheets and inspiring activities to encourage you to stop wishing and start working, and we've even thrown in templates for your editorial calendar and social media plan for free! 



This chapter will cover all the basics of blogging, finding what to blog about, choosing a blog name and cover all the important tips to know before you get serious about blogging. We'll talk you through the first few days of Career Girl Daily and help you find creativity and inspiration to focus your blog. 


It's all about great planning! This chapter will look in depth at how to find your audience and give them what you want. We'll also talk you through hosting packages, and help you design and brand your blog from scratch. Before you start writing great content, we'll talk about the perfect blog planner and even give you a free editorial calendar template to fill out while you work through the exercises!


This chapter is packed full of exercises designed to get your creative juices flowing. We'll talk you through writing the perfect About page, and why it's so important. The structure of a successful blog post and how to write posts that people actually want to read. We're also giving away all the secrets of successful blog photography, so you know everything you create will get clicks!


This chapter is all about getting strategic. You'll learn how to set goals for your blog. Figure out where your blog will be in five years time, analyze your blog posts and discover the five keys to blogging success. You'll also get a huge social media strategy workbook, filled with tips and tricks for every account and a free 12-month social media plan you can use again and again!


Once you've worked through the book, you need to learn how to keep that success going. In this chapter, you'll learn how to get more traffic to your blog, even when you've been going for a long time. How to make money from day one and make your blog your full-time job, how to work smarter, not harder. And as always, there are inspiration activities to help you stay inspired as you grow, and even a whole section on building your media kit!

BONUS: You'll also get access to the ultimate blogging toolkit, a list of our favorite tools to take your blog to the next level!


How does this blog plan work?

This book is a self-paced course in book format. If you buy the eBook, it will be delivered to your email inbox with an instant download link, while pre-orders are expected to be fulfilled in around three to four weeks, but you'll get immediate access to the course materials you need while you wait. Each section is a mixture of stories, tips, and exercises to complete in your own time that will help you take your blog to the next level.

When will the hardback be available?

The hardback book will go live in around two weeks, but you can pre-order it now and it'll arrive at your doorstep in no time at all!

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout, VAT is included in the price. We will send you an email when your book is on its way.

How do I print this blog plan?

When you download the plan, we'll include some handy printing guidelines for you, so no sweat, you can print it however you want.

Can I read this book with my phone/tablet? 

Of course, we've designed this book to work with all devices. You might need to download Adobe Reader or a similar PDF viewer to your selected device as this book comes in PDF format.

What supplies do I need for this?

You need yourself, your blog, a pen, a notebook, and determination. All the course materials and freebies will be included in the email sent to you once you buy the book.

What level of blogging is this book for?

This book contains all our knowledge from the first weeks of Career Girl Daily until now. It's for every level of blogging, and you'll find every exercise helpful to you no matter whether you've just started or have been going for years.

The currency is displayed differently at checkout, why is this? 

Please note, the price of the book is displayed in your local currency automatically, but when you check out it's displayed in GBP. 

Can I get a refund?

All purchases are non-refundable or exchangeable. We cannot accept any request for refunds.

I want to leave feedback, how do I contact you?

Great! We'd love to hear what you thought, send us an email at We'd love to include your testimonials on our site too, so if you take any pics on Instagram use the hashtag #theultimateblogplan.

The Ultimate Blog Plan
£45.00 GBP

The Ultimate Blog Plan

The Ultimate Blog Plan
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