6 Ways To Turn A Bad Day At Work Into The Best Day Ever


Oh we all have those days when work just drags on, when you’re just not in the mood to deal with your tasks, superiors and co-workers and every little thing that comes up just ticks you off. Hey - we get it, so here's how to have the happiest work day you can!

#1 Identify the source of your unhappiness

You might not know why you’re grumpy, but taking a couple of minutes to think about if there’s one reason and whether it has anything to do with the work place. Sometimes it is best just to let your mood run its course but if you can think of one reason why you’re so unhappy you’re in a better position to let it go! Sometimes, if you don't start the day right you can ruin your whole mood!

#2 If you can’t control it, don’t worry about it

A lot of the time we’re unhappy because we worry about things we can’t control, when it’s out of our hands it spends a lot of time in our heads, and causes undue stress and worry. Take a step back and realise that you just have to keep going.

#3 Take a time out

Yeah, you’re allowed to take a time out. Put your headphones in if you’re allowed to or just go for a brisk walk around the office with some papers in hand to give your mind time to clear. If you have to wait until lunch, take yours to a quiet spot or sit with your favourite uplifting people. A break works wonders!

#4 Get into #workmode

You know those days when you're just not focused on your tasks? Yeah, nothing gets done and everything feels impossible. Those are the days when you need to get into work mode. Take five minutes to grab some paper and write down all your tasks and all the things clouding your mind, put on that motivational playlist and get your inspiration to work!

#5 Decorate your desk

A few cheery photos and beautiful organisation bits will brighten up your desk and make you actually want to spend time there. There’s nothing worse than sitting at a dog eared desk with tonnes of messy papers and filing strewn across it, so take some time to make it luxurious and enjoy your time at the desk.

#6 Get a good after-work system

If you promise yourself a treat after work, you might be more inclined to get through the day with a smile on your face. Whether you let yourself wander through your local shops and splurge, inspire yourself with one of our t-shirts or tell yourself you’re going to get a new book or tv show to watch, just be sure to reward yourself for getting through another tough day!