How To Wear Your New Must Have Shirt The Parisian Way


New York, London, Milan, and Tokyo may be some of the most fashionable places in the world, but one city always seems to win the award for most-wanted style - Paris, where the people strolling down the avenues mix timeless and trendy pieces in a way that appears effortless. We envy the French women for their 'je ne sais quoi'. French fashion icons are recognized for their style all over the world. She's not overdone in any way. She will go out without fixing her hair, with unpainted nails, and no make-up.

No wonder books like How To Be A Parisian and Paris Street Style are best sellers.

Paris Street Style is a guide to the effortless chic Parisian style. According to this book, style has very little to do with money. Elegance and originality are qualities that can't be purchased. If they could be, we'd all go looking for inspiration from the richest people in the world. It's a lack of money that makes certain people so creative. 

How To Dress Like A Parisian: A guide to effortless chic

1. Invest in 8 quality items, your investment pieces should go with any outfit!

2. Don't underestimate the power of accessories - a great watch and a classic hat will totally add some Parisian chic to your staple t-shirt

3. The little black dress is an essential for cosmopolitan evening glamour, but you can dress up your t-shirt with a leather jacket for casual but chic evening attire!

4. The 'Yes Way Rosé' t-shirt is perfect for day to drinks wear, as it can be combined with a pair of kitten heels or boots. Perfect for those Parisian evenings in the twinkling night drinking wine.